Engagement Gamification ​

Reward and visually engage customers to drive behavior, increase retention and give a great experience with a tailored AR app.

How it works?

A registered customer will download an App on their mobile device(Phone, Tablet, Ring, Watch). The customer’s mobile device will then interact with in-store sensors, for example providing the customers location in the store. Their mobile device camera can be used to solve problems with 3D interaction tied to local marketing campaigns. ​

What are the benefits?

  • ​Personalized experience that drives usage and purchases​
  • Flexible to meet multiple demographics​
  • Captures data that enables more efficient targeted marketing and more insights into customer behavior. ​
  • Drive sales by over 70% by AR users

What service features are included?

  • App development​​
  • Algorithm development​
  • Store Mapping​
  • Incentive design
  • Cloud deployment
  • Data security​
  • Data collection, management and processing
  • User attribute collection and segmentation​
  • Visualization and reporting​​