Loyalty​ Chain​

With Blockchain technology, SET has designed a customer program that enables incentives and immutable data consent.

How it works?

Blockchain based service where registered customers info and loyalty program is administered on a private chain, harnessing large scale real-time data and machine learning techniques, while ensuring security and transparency of data collection. Loyalty points can be dedicated to a particular store, a chain or a brand.​

What are the benefits?

  • ​“One ecosystem for everything”​
  • Reduce cost and add value​
  • Harnessing large scale real-time data collecting and combining this with machine learning providing​
  • Speed
  • fine-grained information
  • real-time in-depth information analysis
  • extremely high consumer targetability combined with location specific

What service features are included?

  • SET Loyalty Consulting​
  • Loyalty program set-up​
  • Private Chain Configuration
  • Registration Process Set Up & Support
  • Mobile App
  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports including​