AI Enabled Crowd Analytics​

Deliver better targeted marketing programs, pricing, and promotions by analyzing the movement of people through time.​
Open up to new streams of revenue by understanding who visits or passes by your stores and where they go next.​

How it works?

Image Acquisition: High quality cameras capture movement​
Deep Learning: AI algorithms on the imagery ​
Post-processing:Turn captured data into useful insights and location mapping​

What are the benefits?

  • Understand relevant interactions between people and the physical world.​
  • Recognize patterns and direction of traffic over time to ensure optimum service.
  • Prevent overcrowding​
  • Real time people metrics such as count, views, dwell time, gender, age range, emotion, direction.​

What service features are included?

  • Cloud based real time dashboards​​
  • Camera rental & set up​
  • Data collection, management and processing
  • User attribute collection and segmentation​
  • Algorithm development​
  • Cloud deployment​
  • Data security​​