Sensor Enabled Smart Badges

Our smart badges are embedded with NFC and RFID sensors that enables proximity tracking measuring movement and enhanced interaction with users.​

How it works?

With a unique identity each user can be tracked using positioned readers in the physical location. NFC tags are coded to activate when tapped by a mobile device allowing users to retrieve information from a company’s cloud server.

What are the benefits?

  • Deliver personalized recommendations in real time.
  • Provide users with a journey mapping their connections and interaction.
  • Notify counter party when a valuable prospect enters locations.
  • Provide networking opportunities based on matching interests.
  • Post event analysis and heat map demonstrating key success metrics.

What service features are included?

  • RFID/NFC Smart Badges​
  • Hardware set up on location​
  • Data collection, management and processing​
  • User attribute collection and segmentation​
  • Algorithm development​
  • Cloud deployment​
  • Visualization and reporting
  • Data security​​