Mobile Device Push Messaging​

Speak directly to your customers by triggering their engagement with push notification With twice the click rate as email, push notifications don’t get caught in spam or a forgotten email.​​

How it works?

Send a push notification at any time without being in an app or even using their device. Messages look like an SMS or Mobile notification and will reach those who installed your app or connected to your Wifi.​​

What are the benefits?

  • Promoting products or offers to increase sales​
  • Improving customer experience
  • Converting unknown app users to known customers
  • Sending transactional receipts right away​
  • Driving users to other marketing channels, such as social networks​

What service features are included?

  • App Development or WIFI integration​​
  • Real Time push messaging
  • Engagement Analytics
  • Message Scheduling
  • Mobile marketing automation
  • User attribute collection and segmentation​​
  • Data management
  • Security
  • Cross-platform support​