The Perfect Shelf

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Fundamental retail problems still remain: Lack of inventory visibility and accuracy of inventory causes supply chain issues, shortages, surpluses, shrinkage, and lost sales

How Does RFID Work?

Smart readers and antennas are installed on a mobile industrial cart and receiving areas which allow a real time reading in the warehouse/store.

The readers and antennas accurately ascertains the present location of all tags.

Fixed reader installations can track the movement of passive RFID tags in real time.

Data is transferred to remote servers from our proprietary middleware.

Key insights and advanced analytics are displayed on your reporting dashboards using Artificial Intelligence.


  • 60.7% Improvement Profit Margin
  • 25.4% Improvement Inventory Accuracy
  • 11.0% Improvement Customer Satisfaction
  • 6.5% Reduction in Out-of-Stock & Shrink
  • 6.0% Effective Promotions
  • 2.9% Reduction in Average Markdown
  • Decisions making data insights
  • Optimization of Store Layout